Tuesday, May 25, 2010


**Disclaimer: I should not write when I'm emotional. It comes off weird. But I don't care. Just listen...or read in this case.

Who here feels worthy? Worthy of your family. Worthy of your friends. Worthy of your job. Worthy of love. Worthy of life. It's hard to justify being worthy of any of these things. They are all so vital to a human being's existence that we sometimes get lost in the translation of what it means to be appreciative.

Lately I've been trying to sort out certain aspects of my life. Since losing weight, my dating pool has expanded but it's done little for my self-esteem. I'm aware of this and am in the process of working on improving it, but it's a difficult and slow process. I say this because of other events that are occuring that negatively reinforce my sour opinion of myself.

Why can't a person be worthy of a kept promise at least? When someone says "I'll do anything for you" or "you mean the world to me". Why can it not be the truth? What about when someone says "I'll call you tomorrow." This is probably the most common lie among daters. Why even bother? Suck it up, loser. You don't even have to stick your pathetic neck out there to attempt honesty. But if you aren't going to call, don't say you are. It's lame.

Equation: (Poor Self-Esteem + Lies) * Losers = This Rant

So how do I pick up the pieces? How do I convince myself that the lies are told because of ignorance/idiocy and not because of...me?

This is the place I'm in.

I know this is the blog of the "hopelessly-bitter-cat-lady", but who gives a shit? I'm pissed. Let my rant be read.

Recommendation: Drew & the Medicinal Pen (start with the 2nd song)

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  1. Rant away! It's not you! Any time I get a text or a comment on facebook from you, I get so excited! Have a better day today.