Thursday, April 1, 2010

Okay, I'm back. No seriously, I am.

So, long time, no post. I know. But I'm back, and I fully intend on trying to stick with a once a week post.

Things have been moving super fast for me. I'm in the Human Resource Development masters program, I have a full-time job at the Trinity Mother Frances Hospital business office, and I'm trying to hold onto a shred of my sanity.

I'll start with an update: I'm in the HRD master's program and I'm sticking to it. I have found a passion. :) I want to become involved in organization transformation. Enter organizations and fix their strategies and processes to make them a more effectively functioning business. I won't stay on this tangent, because to most it's not remotely interesting. But there you have it folks, I know what I want to be when I grow up. I'm currently taking 12 hours, which at times is extremely stressful. I'm involved in co-authoring an article, over Workplace Conflict, that has been accepted to be presented at a conference sometime this summer. I'm extremely excited about this opportunity. It's going to give my future the wings to take off into places I might not have had a chance of reaching my age at least.

As far as work is concerned, I'm a Patient Account Representative in a new program in the business office called Continuity of Care. What my job entails is that when patients come to the hospitals for procedures, our facility is either in - or out - of network with their insurance provider. When Trinity Mother Frances is out-of-network, they come to me and I work to negotiate with the insurance provider to see if they'll give us (as well as the patient) in network benefits for their procedure. It's no glorified position, but it is definitely going to give me the experience that I need to move up in the health field, which is procisely what I intend to do.

And then my social life...or lack thereof. Jenn is still my bff4e (as we like to title it), and we do mostly everything together. I'm [sortof] "talking" to a guy at the moment, and he makes me happy. It's nice to know that someone actually cares about you. It's been a really long time for me, or at least it feels like it. It's been a little rough for us, too, but we're learning how to cope. Hopefully this works out :)

I plan on coming back in about a week or so and talking about some hot topics. I really want to use this blog to vent some opinions, and further {if anyone actually comments}, dive into responses.

I hope everyone has been well. I miss working at the school so that I can see all of your beautiful faces. Let me know how you've been, I'm still around!


  1. It's so weird to picture you working anywhere BUT UTT!! Miss you girl

  2. Right?! It feels so weird, like this isn't real; it's only temporary and I'll go back to my SL&L position. But alas, my phone rings, my email alert goes off, someone walks into my office, and ::POOF:: reality hits: Welcome to the Real World. How's Germany going for you?